08.09.2016 Press conference

PROJECT “Success and Independence” – extended period

Project financed with the support of Program RO10 – CORAI, a program financed by the EEA Grants 2009-2014 and administered by the Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF).





Project promoter – Transilvana Alpha Foundation


Partner 1 – Divers Associations


Partner 2 – Buckner Foundation


Period of the project:


March 2015 – October 2016


Purpose of the project:


To develop and nurture access to education for young people in risk situations, including Romanies from Târgu Mureș and Târnăveni; To organise 2 Community Education Centres for life-long learning which will facilitate integrated personal development through professional training activities, remedial education for the development of the competencies and abilities essential for an independent life, involving volunteers, parents and relatives.


PROJECT Budget – 2.453.504,30 ron


Own contribution – 10% of the total cost in volunteer activities and financial contribution 272.611,59


Activities scheduled for September and October

The calendar with activities for this period includes:

·         Organizing a training course for 15 young chef in aid qualification.

·         Continuing the “Success and independence safely” campaign for preventing youth victimization, in 10 rural schools in Tg-Mures area. The campaign targets five major themes: juvenile delinquency in schools, bullying, safeguards against street crime, youth protection measures against human trafficking and protecting young people from the dangers of the virtual environment.

·         Training sessions for Alpha Community Center’s professionals in the Feuerstein Method. The gained knowledges will be used later in the professional integration of young people with special needs. The trainings will take place in two periods: Sept. 16-17-18: Oct. 1-2-3: Oct, 7-8-9: Oct, 14-15-16: Oct, 21-22-23:

·          A project ending workshop will take place on 28th of October.


Contact persons:




Transilvana Alpha Foundation – Project Coordinator – Erzsébet Banga, tel. +40-728-928131


Transilvana Alpha Foundation – PR Specialist – Emil Sabău, tel. +40-744-124779


Divers Association – Mária Koreck, tel. +40-722-318605


Buckner Foundation – Moldovan Dragoș Dacian, tel. +40-722-403490