Project: “Success and Independence”

The main purpose of the project:

 -          To develop access to education for young people in risk situations, including Romanies from Târgu Mureș and the adjoining localities; to organise a Community Centre for life-long learning in Târgu Mureș. This centre will facilitate integrated personal development through professional training activities, remedial education for the development of competencies and will promote abilities for an independent life, involving volunteers, parents and relatives.


Specific purposes of the project:

 A) To develop access to education for young people who are in risk situations by means of establishing Community Education Centres for life-long learning and thereby improving the professional abilities and competencies required by the labour market for 60 young people in risk situations, including Romanies. It will involve professional training courses in 4 crafts: cleaner, floral decorator, landscape gardener and hand bookbinder and will offer career counselling in two cities in Romania: Târgu Mureș and Tânăveni.

B) To improve the quality of volunteer work by training 65 volunteers (45 – Alpha Transilvania Foundation, 10 – Divers, 10 – Buckner Foundation), professionals who provide services to young people and children in risk situations in Târgu Mureș and Târnăveni, offering them training in the specialty field of combined arts, health counsellor and youth worker, and involving them in the activities of the project.

C) To improve the participation of children and young people in educational programs, involving 180 young people in remedial activities in order to develop the abilities necessary for an independent life and participation in leisure activities. These activities include art therapy, health education, IT education, foreign languages, and offers individual and group counselling in the field of health education and the importance of education for a total of 100 parents and relatives (to be carried out at a summer camp).

D) To make them aware of the importance of education by means of an information and education campaign highlighting victimisation and juvenile delinquency entitled “Success and independence in safety”. Organised in 10 schools from Tg. Mureș and 7 schools from Târnăveni, it analyses the needs of children and young people in this region by performing a study entitled “The Chart of Needs of Children and Young People”.



 A1. – Establishing and running 2 Community Education Centres for lifelong learning in Târgu Mureș and Târnăveni, organising professional training activities for 60 young people by the means of the following training courses: gardener, floral decorator, building and vehicle cleaner.


A2. -Training/instruction and coordination of volunteers. Volunteers were trained in the following specialty fields: combined art worker, youth worker, community development worker.






Next to the overdue activities, the project "Success and Independence" has been extended until 30 of November 2016. Activity plan includes  :




 _    Counseling and socialization activities for 40 young people


-      Counseling for 60 adults, relatives of these young people


-      In the summer holiday 180 children from Tîrgu Mureş and Târnăveni participated in different holiday activities, 50 among them partaking in a camp too


-      15 young people get professional education in cooking


-      Continuing the "Success and Independence in security" prevention campaign in 10 schools from rural zones, next Tg.Mures. The prevention campaign had 5 topics: juvenile delinquency in schools, the bullying - bullying defense, defenses and prevention against street crime, protection of young people against human trafficking, crimes against the virtual environment.


-      During the summer holiday were trained 30 ”school mediators” and 60 “gipsy language teachers”


        -      The “Alpha Community Center”’s specialists also benefit from trainings, helping many disadvantaged young people to integrate themselves in society.






Target group – Beneficiaries:




     220 young people benefit directly from the services of the project –out of which 75 benefited from the professional training courses, and 60 benefited from the summer camp.




-      Children’s’ parents/tutors and/or relatives in risk situation who have not previously benefitted from adequate assistance, got specific support services (counseling, etc.) – 160




-      Volunteer specialists/professionals who provide services for vulnerable children and/or young people, and who have acquired specific knowledge and skills – 110




      -     200 children benefited from holiday activities with interactive activities and trips, of which 50 participated in a summer camp.




     -      30 people benefited from a “school mediator” course




    -       60 people participated in a Romani language course (20 advanced, 20 medium, 20 beginner)


     -       7 specialists from Alpha Community Center receive a training

      -        4000 children from 27 schools benefit from the information and prevention campaign - "Success and independence in security"